Facility Management Karlsruhe

Facility Management Karlsruhe

hausmeisterservice karlsruhe

We offer caretaker service in the area of ​​Karlsruhe and support you in areas such as garden maintenance and landscape management. Clean entrance areas and well maintained rental properties (such as cleanliness in the hallway and cleaned cellar areas) are essential nowadays. Especially with rental properties, a janitorial service is required locally.

Minor repairs as part of our concierge service done by our friendly staff quickly and easily for your object and with your tenants. Also in the appearance and appearance of the employees of our cleaning company as caretaker, we always value. Your tenants will always find our “janitors” as friendly and moderate.

In autumn, the green area of ​​your plant must also be cleared of leaves, hedges and green areas must be gefpled. In winter, your buildings must also be cleared of snow. This and other building services we offer as part of our winter service.

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